Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter is still upon us, and there are still many areas that rodents are invading homes to find a comfortable warm place to spend the rest of the winter.

To help prevent rodent entry, keep entry points closed, this may seem obvious during the winter, but this also refers to garage doors and all openings along the exterior of your home (ie) cracks in the cement or framework of the house. If a rodent gains entry to a garage then it is only a matter of time there will be an opportunity for that pest to enter the house. These entry points also refers to all those doors that do not have a tight seal (1/3 of an inch is enough to allow a mouse to get into your home).

Control of rodents is not an impossible task, but it requires a proper approach. Rodents can carry diseases, cause damage to your home, and create a very uncomfortable environment for the home dweller.

If you try to control rodents, you must use the “no mercy rule”. Set out many control devises, like traps, glue boards, bait stations, etc. in the suspected area.

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