Monday, February 8, 2010

Integrated Pest Management - a green approach

Pests share this space on Earth as we do, so we live with and around them every day. The problem arises when the pest level reaches a point we are adversely affected by their presence, usually, at that point, some type of control is usually initiated. Today we make a conscious effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible, think green. The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach is the accepted method today in order to make the best possible choice to be environmentally friendly, cost conscious and still effectively control a pest.

Key components to consider before you begin to eliminate the pest are to pest identification, prevention, and threshold limits. It is imperative to know as much as possible before action is taken. If control is required methods like cultural, mechanical, biological and behavioural must be taken into consideration before the use of chemical control is considered THINK GREEN!

Often it is best to contact a qualified representative to accurately evaluate the situation, and address what is the best method to approach a pest problem. Often pest problems can be resolved much easier than it appears at first.

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